Aviation Insurance

The aviation industry faces a unique set of challenges that increases your risk of financial loss. In Canada, this industry experiences a multitude of highs and lows with many outside economic influences determining the profitability and success of your aviation business.

Some of the coverages that we have available to you include:

  • Air cargo insurance
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Aircraft Hull and Liability
  • Airport owners’ and operators’ liability insurance
  • All risks–ground and flight
  • Hangarkeepers’ liability insurance
  • Hull coverage

Whether for business or personal use, it is important for you to have coverage. You may think that you have adequate coverage, only to realize when a claim occurs that your policy has fallen significantly short. Our team of experts is there to help you avoid that sinking feeling. We will ensure that you have the coverage you need to be protected both on the tarmac and in the air.

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