Business Insurance

Insurance isn’t always the first thing you think of when starting your business. It’s more important than ever to develop a risk management strategy. Between rising litigation costs and the threat of cyber-attack, you need to make sure your business has the protection it needs. Having the right insurance not only protects your business but your bottom line as well.

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Commercial General Liability

From slip and fall injuries at your workplace to defamation suit due to unfortunate comments made to the press – your Commercial General Liability policy covers it.

Commercial General Liability is a standard business organization policy protecting you against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage including advertising and personal injury. Contact one of our team members today to protect your business.

Claims Example

A president of a construction company well known for a rhetorical flair, made comments about a supplier’s business ethics in public. The personal injury coverage afforded by the policy paid to defend the defamation lawsuit. The matter settled literally at the entrance to the court room – at considerable legal costs. Those costs were fully paid by Commercial General Liability insurance.

Errors & Omissions Liability

Errors & Omissions Liability helps protect your organization against allegations of wrongful acts committed by a professional or professional organization. Apart from architects, consultants, engineers, and healthcare professionals it is also important for construction companies as well.

If one of your employees advised a client on something that resulted in a suit against your firm, you want to ensure that you have the proper coverage in place to protect your assets.

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Claims Example

When a retaining wall in a construction pit adjacent to a high-rise tower began to collapse into the construction site, owners of the construction project and the neighboring property alleged a range of faults including poor engineering. The project was held up for more than a year until a fix was designed and installed. Allegations of damage, loss of opportunity and profit were all defended under the contractors Errors & Omissions insurance. Without this coverage, the compensation would have fallen on the firm.

Cyber Risk

On average a Canadian Business sees 40 cyber-attacks each year. Do you know if you have coverage?

In 2017, cyber-attacks have been at the forefront of every business owners’ mind. The latest ransomware attack infected over 200,000 computers in 150 countries, in one weekend alone. Protecting your digital assets should be a number one priority. Technology has no borders and each day we expose ourselves to significant threats, without adequate protection, your business is at risk.

A cyber-attack could devastate your organization. With the increasing reliance on technology, the risks you expose your business to increase as well. You could lose your files and the integrity of your computer systems. That type of event could mean the loss of your database, your contracts, your proposals, or your business operations. These are devastating consequences that can cripple a business. We want to ensure that you have adequate protection in place to prevent that from happening.

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Directors & Officers Liability

If you have a Board of Directors or a C-suite, protecting them in the event of a miscalculated decision is important.

Whether you are privately-held or public, the impact of your management team can be far-reaching.

Directors & Officers liability covers your upper-level management when they are involved in decisions that could have an impact, not only on the organization but all of its stakeholders.

These types of claims are not necessarily brought on by a financial decision. For example: if you had an event and someone gets hurt due to inadequate safety protocols in place– even though the injury itself has coverage under your Commercial General Liability policy, the lack of safety protocols could result in a suit against your Directors & Officers putting on the event.

Types of Directors & Officers Liability Include:

Side A: Protecting the personal assets of Directors & Officers in the event of a claim where your organization is unable to indemnify due to derivative actions or bankruptcy proceedings.

Side B: Reimbursing your organization if the Directors & Officers, with actions brought against them, are indemnified.

Side C: Coverage for both your organization and its Directors & Officers if both are listed as defendants – this is more common with publicly traded companies.

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Sadly, the people best able to steal from a business are the ones most trusted by the owners. When a corporate solicitor contacts us asking if there is any crime insurance, it is a serious matter.

Unfortunately, few businesses insure adequately against this exposure. You trust your employees; you want to think the best of them. At times, this blind-spot can result in a significant loss for your business. From filtering cash into personal accounts by forging cheques to duping owners and creating false payees – the list is only limited by the ingenuity of the employee. In any one year, we see a half dozen losses ranging from $10,000 over $1 million. You can only hope that if this happens to you, you have the right coverage in place.

Even the most trusted employees can leave your business at risk of shutting its doors. Contact us today to start protecting your business.