Mining and Natural Resources Insurance

As you are aware, Canada is a land filled with opportunities in the mining and natural resource sectors. With government regulations and environmental protection – finding an insurance policy that covers it all can be a challenge.

Our team takes the time to get the complete picture of your operations. Having general industry knowledge is not enough. You want a broker that can help you avoid the pitfalls that organizations in your industry face.

From earth-moving equipment to chemicals, these sites expose you and your organization to costly financial losses if you do not have adequate coverage.

At WMB Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt and change with your business. We have a dedicated team of experts to ensure that you have a broker that works with you on your risk management strategy – always improving your bottom line. Every business is different, much like every industry is different. We respect that, and we understand that you need a tailored policy that works for you.

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Global competitiveness, fluctuations in commodity pricing, plant closures, government regulations, trade agreements. All of those are common issues facing the forestry industry in Canada.

With so many uncertainties, it’s important for you to find a broker that understands the industry and how to help mitigate your risk exposure. For your firm to remain competitive in this marketplace, it is increasingly important for you to develop a cost-effective and efficient risk management strategy.

In 2013 alone, the Forestry Sector contributed $19.8 billion to Canada’s real GDP. This sector experiences frequent, and significant fluctuations in the economy creating both risk and opportunity for your organization. With new product development, increasing operational efficiencies, and market expansion you need a broker that can adapt and change with you.

At WMB Insurance Group, we understand the intricacies involved in the Forestry sector.

Our team of experts is here to help you through the insurance process so that your employees and your organization have protection in the event of a loss. Contact one of our experts today to see how we can help you.

Mining and Natural Resources

Government regulations, human resource management, climate change, and investment are all issues that face the mining industry.

In 2015 mining industry contributed $56 billion to the Canadian real GDP and Canada itself is one of the world leaders in mineral extraction and production.

As they say, with power comes great responsibility. Mine sites are not always the safest places. With moving machinery, dangerous chemicals, explosives, and earth moving equipment there are many ways that you and your employees are at risk. Safety is always important to your business, but unforeseeable incidents can happen, and that’s where we’ll help you.

It’s important that your broker knows your business and understands your industry along with the volatility that comes with it. Each mining operation faces different challenges – and you need a comprehensive solution customized for you. Talk with us today to find an insurance solution that works for you.

Oil & Gas

Global competitiveness, slumping commodity prices, layoffs, government regulations – all issues the Oil and Gas industry faces in Canada.

Our team takes the time to understand your operations. Having general industry knowledge is not enough. You want a broker that can help you avoid the pitfalls that your firm may face.

Whether you work in upstream, midstream, or downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas industry – you need a broker that understands your needs. From extraction to refinement, we will work with you to develop a risk management strategy that matches your operations.

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