Retail & Wholesale Insurance

Government regulations, tariffs, trade agreements, data breaches, product recalls, and worker’s compensation – all common risks that expose your business to a loss in the Retail and Wholesale Industry.

In the event of a claim where you must close the doors to your business, even for a short amount of time, how are you recuperating your costs?

You need a broker who adapts to the rapidly changing market demands and client expectations that come from working in your sector.

We help you develop a plan to mitigate your current and future risks. We help you prioritize the different exposures you may face. But most of all, we will help you develop a crisis management strategy in the event of a loss.

Working with a team of dedicated experts allows you to feel safe knowing that you have the coverage you need. You need a plan that helps you reduce your costs, allocate your capital, and improve your profitability. Get in touch with our office today to find an insurance solution tailored to your needs.

Claims Example

Construction Insurance Claim

A store in a major retail chain burned to the ground in a rural Saskatchewan town. The management elected to rebuild and relocate to a thriving Alberta town. Insurers funded a major refit and renovation, paid their stock loss, paid loss of income and the cost to relocate. The client now has a thriving new and better location. Helping you find the right coverage to propel your business in the right direction is what we specialize in. At WMB Insurance Group – we are here for you.