Technology Insurance

The technology sector is rapidly expanding. It is more important than ever to ensure that you have adequate coverage. As this sector expands and as tech businesses grow – the needs of your firm will change, and you should be working with a broker that changes with you.

The loss of a database, a misstep during a consultation, or a product that injured a user – these are all ways that a claim could cripple your business. We work with markets experienced in this field and up to date with the ever-changing world of technology.

Your only focus should be on expanding your business and disrupting the market – let us worry about the insurance. Talk to your broker today to ensure that you have the right coverage, and peace of mind.

Blockchain Technology

To compete in a global marketplace, many businesses are racing to implement blockchain technology in their operations or are launching their own blockchain business.

Insurance for blockchain related operations is relatively new, and the insurance industry is still evolving as exposures are discovered and insured.

Unfortunately, your existing insurance program may not recognize these new exposures—and that’s where we come in.

Let us help you through the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) of obtaining insurance in the following areas:

– Initial coin offering (ICOs)
– Mining
– Cryptocurrency exchange
– Blockchain software development
– Wallet
– Consultants providing services on blockchain technology

The exposures and threats of business operations involving blockchain will continue to grow as the technology does. We can help you keep your business protected against these specialized risks.