Property Insurance

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, or homeowner, having the right coverage to protect one of your most valuable possessions is important.

We can provide you with solutions for your home, investment property, or rental. We want to help you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible.

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Homeowners Insurance

Your home will most likely be one of the biggest purchases you ever make. Protecting that investment allows you to rest a little easier at night and protecting it with your team at WMB Insurance Group takes your worries away.

Homeowner’s insurance not only provides coverage for your home, but your possessions, and living expenses in the event of a claim.

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Tenants Insurance

Even as a renter, it’s important to protect your personal possessions. Your landlord’s policy will cover damage done to their property, but you’re out of luck if you don’t have coverage in the event of a loss.

If a severe storm damaged your unit and your possessions you could be financially responsible for those replacements if you didn’t have the right coverage. We don’t want that to happen. Contact our team today to go over your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have a tenant?

In the event of a claim, if you and your tenant are forced to leave – your policy provides you with a reimbursement of your additional living expenses and the lost rental income while the repairs are being made. In order for your tenant to have those expenses covered, it is essential that they have the appropriate Tenants’ insurance for their own losses.

What if my laptop was stolen from me on vacation?

In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy provides you with coverage even if the item was stolen while you are away from your home. This is commonly called “Off-Premises Coverage”. Contact us today to learn about this coverage and how it can benefit you.

What if I have jewellery, wine, and clothing items that I want protected – are those items included in my policy?

Ask us about scheduling those items on your policy to provide additional protection. In this case, we would require an appraisal of the items in question. We have access to several reputable appraisers in the Lower Mainland, if you require that service.

How should I keep track of the personal possessions on my policy?

Photograph and / or videotape all of your belongings. Document all serial numbers and receipts and keep them filed in a secure location. A visual record has a great deal of impact in the event of a claim and makes it easier for you to replace those items. Notify us to update your inventory at least once a year or when any significant purchases are made.

Condominium Insurance

Although you share many of the same risks as a homeowner’s policy, Condo Insurance is beneficial to you as a condo owner as it covers not only your possessions but any upgrades done to your unit as well. Many insurance policies through condo and strata corporations only include the existing structure. What this means for you – that new porcelain claw-foot bathtub you installed isn’t protected in the event of a loss.

Condo coverage provides that extra layer of protection so that you know that you have protection when the unthinkable happens. Contact our team today to find a policy that matches your needs.

Luxury and High-Value Home Insurance

The selection of the right coverage and the right Insurance Company is critical in protecting the personal possessions that you value.

We understand that no two people have the same personal insurance needs. At WMB, our team integrates your personal property and liability exposures into a comprehensive and custom-tailored program to protect you, your family, and your possessions from potential losses.

We represent a wide variety of insurance carriers to provide our clients with an array of coverages and premium options. If you have multiple homes, and many valuables that need to be insured, Chubb Insurance Company is a natural fit. Their expertise in providing insurance on high-valued homes, condominiums, and assets sets them apart from other competitors in the industry.

Insuring your home doesn’t need to be complicated. Contact us today to get started on a plan that protects you and your home.


You purchased your first investment property; you found a couple of great tenants. You get a call to find that the 25-foot oak tree in the front yard fell over and caved in your ceiling. Do you have coverage?

Your homeowner’s policy allows you recuperate the loss of rental income while repairs are completing, and covers any of your possessions that are on premises.

If you already own an investment property or if you’re thinking about getting one – contact us today to learn about your options.

Seasonal Dwelling

When you leave on vacation, you are there to relax and unwind. Insurance should be the last thing on your mind. Let us help you with that.

Seasonal dwelling insurance is similar to your homeowners, and often, you can extend your homeowners policy to cover your seasonal home.

Whether you have a ski chalet in Whistler or a bungalow by the sea having coverage allows you to arrive at your vacation home and do only one thing – relax. Contact our team today to insure your seasonal home. It’s time for you to unwind.