Surety Bonding

At WMB Insurance Group, we appreciate the intricacies, and risks associated with your business in the construction industry. This expertise allows us to create a customized surety bonding program that truly understands your needs. Our surety bonding services are designed to bring measurable benefits that help your business grow and prosper in the changing economic climate. With increased competition in the industry comes the need for optimized business solutions that have both an immediate, and long-term impact on your business.

Throughout our tenure in the Surety Bonding industry, we have developed close relationships with several carriers who match WMB’s experience and creativity to create bonding programs that help you navigate the challenging business climate.

The goal of our Surety Bonding program is to help you:

  • Secure Larger Jobs – we help contractors restructure their financial reports and distribution of capital to make them more desirable to the bonding market allowing the company to bid on large-value jobs
  • Increase Bond Capacity – we provide the knowledge and education to help our clients understand to effectively manage their financials in order to increase their current bond capacity allowing our client to bid on more jobs, successfully.

Below are the most commonly used bonds for construction projects:

Bid Bond

This bond is submitted to the owner with your tender at the bid stage. The bid bond provides financial assurance to the owner that the tender is submitted in good faith. It also provides assurance that the contractor intends to fulfill all obligations outlined in their tender should they be successful in their bid.

Consent of Surety

This bond is also submitted at the bid stage. The Consent of Surety (often called Agreement to Bond or Undertaking of Surety) is a commitment by the Surety Company to provide the required Performance and Labour & Material Payment bonds as specified in the tender documents.


Electronic Bid Bonds are now being accepted by some owners. We expect the usage of this method of tender security to increase over time, as electronic submission of tenders is becoming more common. We have engaged the services of Xenes Enterprises Inc. utilizing their SignatureMaster© ebonding platform.

Performance Bond

This bond guarantees the contractor will perform their obligations to the owner as specified in the terms and conditions of the contract. The Performance Bond protects the owner from a financial loss should the contractor fail to perform.

Labour and Material Payment Bond

Labour and Material Payment Bonds are issued in conjunction with a Performance bond and guarantee the contractor will pay eligible sub-trades, labourers, and material suppliers associated with the project. Eligible claimants are those with a direct contract with the bonded contractor.

If you aren’t sure if you need a bonding facility – contact us today, and we will help you through the process.