WMB in the Community

Helping our community has always been a top priority for the team at WMB Insurance Group. For us, it’s more than just donating money; it’s about connecting our team directly with the people who need our help. From participating in events to putting on dinners, our team is always looking for ways to give back. If your organization could use help for a cause that matters to you, contact us today to see how we can work on it together.

We are committed to making the world a better place. How can we help?

Quest Food Exchange

Quest Food Exchange first started as a youth group delivering sandwiches to those in need on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. As this program gained momentum and the positive feedback started coming in – the outreach program continued to grow. They understood there was a demand for healthy food on the DTES. What started as sandwich delivery grew to a small soup kitchen and continued to grow into what it is today.

In 2016 alone, Quest Food Exchange received $8,405,985 in food and products donations; over 240,000 shopping trips were taken to the Quest Food Exchange and through sustainable practices over 600,000lbs of carbon emissions were diverted from the earth’s atmosphere. Focusing on community, Quest has helped provide snacks to over 250 inner-city school children with weekly snacks at five different schools in the Lower Mainland – helping children in our community never go hungry.

As Quest continues to grow so does their need for support. Donations of services, items, and money goes along way but if you are unable to donate those things – volunteering for the organization helps them ensure that they can continue to provide the care needed in the Lower Mainland.

How does the program work?

With the mandate of “reduce hunger with dignity” Quest redistributes food from all branches of the local food industry that would usually go to waste. The food gets sorted, processed and given to organizations helping out the people who need it most. Not only is this food providing sustenance, but the food is nutritious and healthy. Covering this most basic need is essential in preventing disease and promoting strength and healing. Quest’s role is invaluable to the communities of the Lower Mainland.

On June 5, 2017, our team worked with Economical Insurance to provide a donation of $5,000 to Quest Food Exchange. This experience allowed us to get an inside look at the food recovery and distribution center. It was an eye-opening experience that enabled us to see, first-hand, all of the good this organization does for our community. We are fortunate to have had this opportunity, and we are eager to continue to support those in need, and the organizations that provide for them, in Vancouver.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House British Columbia Yukon is a non-profit organization that gives a space to families with seriously ill children who are in need of a temporary place to call home. Offering both short-term and long-term housing solutions, RMHBC helps these families through the toughest time in their lives. RMHBC is located steps away from BC Children’s Hospital allowing all of its families a safe, fun, and nurturing place while still being close to treatment.

Family Meal Program

Ronald McDonald House offers a program for volunteers to come in and prepare meals for the families there. WMB Insurance Group took part in this event allowing our team to connect with the children and families at the house. Our team consisted of 15 people who prepared, cooked, cleaned, and entertained for the families at RMHBC. Throughout the meal and in the games afterward, we could hear the laughs and see the smiles showing us just how important these events are for the community. To take part in the Family Meal Program, visit the Ronald McDonald House website and get involved!